One Cut of the Dead

One Cut of the Dead

(Kamera o tomeru na!)

This award-winning Japanese zombie horror comedy begins with an epic 40-minute, one-take zombie movie, followed by a look at the behind-the-scenes mishaps.... More

"A small crew is shooting a low-budget zombie flick in an abandoned factory where the Japanese Army once experimented on dead bodies. It doesn’t take long before the actors and crew start changing into real live corpses. The perfectionist director, however, refuses to cancel the shoot and, obsessed by a fixation on pure art, he runs about filming amid the chaos while the zombie disease picks off one victim after another. Indeed, this helmer is willing to sacrifice anything to get the perfect shot. Or is he? Can a zombie spatter-fest turn out to be a family comedy as well? That depends on your point of view." (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)Hide

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  • The perfect antidote to zombie fever. Full Review

  • Drunk on its own DIY energy and deeply in love with everything it's doing, One Cut of the Dead is a euphoric ode to the chaos (and compromises) of genre filmmaking. Full Review

  • Filmed with a crazed energy and headlong pace, its big joke being the nutty director obsessed with his art in the middle of chaos. Full Review

  • Shinichiro Ueda's innovative horror comedy proves there is still nourishment to be sucked from the zombie genre, if it's seasoned with a little heart and brains. Full Review

  • Ueda's film goes on to indulge [its] curiosity in endless head-spinningly clever ways - turning a riotous genre treat into a full-hearted love-letter to both filmmaking and film-watching alike. Full Review

  • Opens with an unbroken 37-minute shot of monster mayhem before hitting the reset button and turning into a funny satire of low-budget genre filmmaking - and eventually becoming a charming family comedy-drama. Full Review