Nim's Island

Nim's Island


Based on the Robinson Crusoe-esque children’s book by Wendy Orr, a kind of updated Robinson Crusoe tale. Nim's Island is an exotic and adventurous place ruled by a young girl's imagination. Here, feisty young Nim (Little Miss Sunshine’s Abigail Breslin) surrounds herself with her animal friends and leads a tropical life mirroring that of her favorite literary hero, Alex Rover, "the world’s greatest adventurer". When her island faces danger, she reaches out for help. The author of the Alex Rover books, a reclusive city dweller (Jodie Foster), nervously ventures forth into Nim’s world to help her face the challenge.

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BY Ken-Burns superstar

Have just seen it with my 2 boys and we laughed a lot. Jodie Foster was good and brief and the animal stuff was funny. The big fat Aussies on holday in the movie were funny

BY Hugo nobody

everyone was good in it and funny animals were cool and quite long I like long movies superb piece of making.

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  • It's hard to imagine kids not enjoying the good-hearted, lovingly shot fantasy of it all, and Breslin is charming, though most viewers past puberty will likely yearn to be voted off the Island. Full Review

  • Nim's aquatic adventures and those on land provide the majority of thrills in this exhilarating and enchanting family picture. It's the best I've seen this year and highly recommended for girls and for boys, too. Full Review

  • The film’s sensitive notes are too often jarred by its attempts to score cheap comic points from sea lion flatulence and obese Australian tourists. The message that lifelong connections can be forged through books is a lovely one; too bad it’s obscured by flying lizards. Full Review

  • The small Pacific island home where Nim and Jack live is so wonderfully designed I am ready to move in tomorrow; it even has its own sound proofed generator, and fast broadband connection. Full Review

  • A picturesque adventure-comedy that quickly capsizes under the weight of its obnoxious slapstick, pedestrian dialogue and general unwillingness to rise above stock ideas and situations. Full Review