The chase is on.

Gael García Bernal reunites with the director of the Oscar-nominated No for this 1940s-set true story drama about Pablo Neruda, a Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet who becomes the target of a witch hunt in his own country for joining the Communist Party.

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  • Singularly winning mixture of irony, semi-parody and powerfully moving drama from the director of Jackie. Full Review

  • [An] indulgent and rather fey reverie. Full Review

  • Larraín gives equal screen time to the detective on his trail (Gael García Bernal): a Clouseau-esque bumbler whose determination not to be a footnote lends tragi-comic heft. Full Review

  • For anyone who believes that poetry and democracy spring from the same source and provoke the same enemies, this movie provides both encouragement and warning. Full Review

  • Drolly and persuasively, the movie demonstrates that when it comes to evoking the artist and the nature of his art, historical fidelity and literal-minded dramatisation go only so far. Full Review

  • Not a biopic but a Nerudian take on the famed Chilean politician-poet, "Neruda" is a stunningly inventive take on the function rather than the life of a writer. Full Review

  • The film at times is more playful than illuminating, but it's also a handsomely crafted and boldly idiosyncratic contemplation of a great artist for whom political compromise was anathema. Full Review

  • Unreliable as history, but immensely informative about the times and the man; entertaining as comedy, but still deeply melancholy about the politics of Latin America in the 1950s. Full Review

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