Morning Glory

Morning Glory


A comedy, from the director of Notting Hill and writer of The Devil Wears Prada, about hard-working TV producer Becky (Rachel McAdams) who lands the position with 'Daybreak' (the worst-rating national morning news show). She tries to revitalise the show by bringing on cantankerous, old-school TV anchor: Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford).... More

Unfortunately, Pomeroy refuses to cover morning show staples like celebrity gossip, weather and fashion or get along work with co-host, Colleen (Diane Keaton). Becky finds herself with her hands full.Hide

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Not to come off like the curmudgeonly newsman Harrison Ford plays here, but Morning Glory is the most lightweight take on serious topics for some time. The film circles the debate between news and entertainment without ever quite making a point; hints at modern career-women’s struggles with work/life balance but doesn’t suggest solutions beyond sex and haircuts; and makes matters worse by only spending as much time on Anchorman-like insults, hurled between news anchors, as it does on slow-mo shots of Rachel McAdams running in heels.... More

That’s not to suggest there were any expectations of hard-hitting stuff here, and these gripes would have been sidelined if Morning Glory held up its end with laughs, love, or perhaps even a plot. Sadly, there’s nothing here we haven’t seen done better before; the flick not helping Ford’s possibly terminal career slump and even managing to drain the appeal out of McAdams. Only Diane Keaton comes across as well-cast – though proof Jeff Goldblum lives is appreciated. Something’s just a bit off about the whole enterprise – not very surprising given the film’s delays and three credited editors (suggesting a fair bit of tinkering to get this in shape).

The film lurches from one scene to another without ever making much of an impression and, worst of all, takes about an hour to get Ford where we want him, grumpily on the telly beside Keaton. Never satisfactorily exploring its comedic or dramatic possibilities, Morning Glory is as insubstantial as the telly it tries to make fun of.Hide

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Oh dear, where to begin? Ok, fair play, this is tired, dull, cliche-ridden garbage but it gets one star because Harrison Ford - Harrison f@#$%^ Ford dude! - is grumpy and grouchy and irritable all the way through (until the I-saw-that-coming-a-kilometer-off,-like,-from-the-trailer,-no-the-poster-even saccharine ending)- and seeing Han Indy Blade Runner Solo grumpy IS funny... once. So if this film had been, say, one-minute long it'd be an amazing comedy gem. Sadly, at 1hr 47 mins, it wastes 1... More hr 46 mins of your life expectancy... But hey! Harrison Ford grumpy? Killer!Hide

Trite, tired fluff- I was sucked in by the great cast, but as harmless as it may be, you could just as easily give it a miss.

If you don't manage to see this movie, don't worry. Very average although I quite liked Harrison Ford. I agree with Sam and also felt that Diane Keaton was under used. There are some funny moments, very predictable and at times even boring.

It was okay. Unlike Deb, I didn't really have any laugh out loud moments but that doesn't mean to say that it wasn't funny in parts. I thought Diane Keaton was under used and Harrison Fords performance was a bit over the top. Leading light was definitely Rachel McAdams, her performance saved the movie from being a bit bland.

Enjoyed this movie. Nice and light. Some really laugh out loud moments.

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  • Comedies open every week. This is the kind I like best. It grows from human nature and is about how people do their jobs and live their lives. Full Review

  • Every one of its cues might be tele-prompted, but this is an assured, likable comedy. Ford is as good as he’s been in ages, but the stand-out is McAdams. If there were any justice, the movie would send her stellar. Full Review

  • It merely recycles 1987's "Broadcast News" with only a single reference to YouTube. Full Review

  • Rachel McAdams gives the kind of performance we go to the movies for. The rest of the film isn't always up to her level, but it does provide genial entertainment until it runs out of steam. Full Review

  • A passably amusing romantic comedy with a laugh-strewn script that's almost undone by the hard sell of an enterprise that drills every emotional beat into your head. Full Review

  • Like a low-rent breakfast TV presenter, Michell’s latest has a sunny disposition but little behind the eyes. Ford is fine, but it may leave you as irascible as his old-timer. Full Review

  • So it's into the heady world of breakfast television we go with this frothy light comedy piece from the director of Notting Hill. Full Review