Monsieur Lazhar

Review: Monsieur Lazhar

12 Dec 12

Dealing with grief

4 of us went to "Monsieur Lazhar" today - several other Loafers having already seen it. This film was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year in the best foreign film category (it is a French-Canadian film with English sub-titles). It was beaten by the Iranian film "A Separation" which we reviewed earlier.
Monsieur Lazhar is a refugee from Algeria applying for asylum in Canada because his wife and family had received death threats. He has never been a teacher (although his wife was) and he bluffs his way into taking over a class of 11- and 12-year-olds whose previous teacher hanged herself in the classroom. This is a very moving story in which the new teacher helps the children cope with their situation while the PC education system does all the "right" things, e.g. bringing in a psychologist. M. Lazhar deals with his own grief, while attending to the children's needs - albeit that his only other jobs were civil servant and restaurant manager! A must for all teachers especially. 4 stars.