Maria by Callas

Maria by Callas


An intimate look at the life and work of Greek-American opera singer, Maria Callas, from debut documentarian Tom Volf.... More

"The legendary soprano Maria Callas — American-born, ethnically Greek, and a true citizen of the world — was one of the supreme artists and cultural stars of the mid-20th century, and she became almost synonymous with the art form to which she devoted her life —Leonard Bernstein once called Callas “the Bible of opera.” Tom Volf’s film, comprised of archival photographs, newsreels, interviews, precious performance footage, and selections from her diary, takes us through Callas’s life: from her childhood, early training, and rise to stardom, through her tumultuous public life and vocal decline, and to her death from a heart attack at the age of 53. This is a cinematic love note to a great artist, and a vivid audiovisual document of mid-century western culture." (New York Film Festival)Hide

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  • At the very least, it will send many viewers back to the recordings, some of them superior to the renditions heard here, with a more vivid picture of the extraordinary woman who made them. Full Review

  • "Maria By Callas..." expertly presents an emotional essence of this performer, leaving you both shaken and stirred by the extent of her gifts and the way they connected to both audiences and her tumultuous life. Full Review

  • A documentary that revitalises history through primary sources, to illuminating, at times enthralling effect. Full Review

  • NPR

    The film is unfailingly sympathetic to the diva at its centre. It accepts her status as a legend and does its best to enhance it. Full Review

  • Here's the intimate, unabashedly reverential new documentary that gives legendary diva Maria Callas the encore she deserves. And in her own voice. Fasten your seatbelts. Full Review

  • What the film loses in dimensionality it gains in intimacy and focus, because only one voice is deemed necessary for us to hear. Full Review

  • ...unquestionably well made, meticulously researched... not quite satisfying in giving a fully-rounded portrait; given her technically phenomenal voice, the footage of her singing will be thrilling to people who aren't impervious to the charms of opera. Full Review