Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy

Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder plays Jeffrey Mannus, a 29-year-old man-boy who still lives at home with his mum, Jan (Diane Keaton). Like all mama’s boys, he gets peeved when a motivational speaker called Mert (Jeff Daniels) starts wooing his mum and moves in on his territory. So he enlists the help of a girl, a singer-songwriter called Nora (Anna Faris) and the battle between Mert and Jeffrey begins…

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8% of critics recommend.
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  • There was so little entertainment on screen that I found myself unwittingly entranced by Jon Heder's ever-changing dark wig. His blond curly angel hair in the skating spoof Blades of Glory was more convincing. Full Review

  • Haphazardly conceived and clumsily executed, this aggressively quirky yet gratingly unfunny comedy appears set on the fast track to vidstore bin. Full Review