Mama's Affair

Mama's Affair

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Mei-fung was once a top artiste manager and helped produce some of the biggest stars for her record label. But when she got pregnant, she chose family over career. More

Today, Mei-fung is living a seemingly worry-free housewife life, but her 17-year-old son, Jonathan, is about to study abroad, and the gap between her and her husband is growing ever wider. All alone, she decides to get back in action and rediscover her values in life. Fong Ching is an orphan, and only works at the cafe to make ends meet, but his passion and talent have always been singing and dancing. Ching reignites Mei-fung's spark, except causing rivalry between her own son Jonathan and Ching. Most importantly, can Jonathan ever forgive Mei-fung and accept the new her?

2022Rating: PG, Mild themes and crude humour127 minsChinaEmperor Motion Pictures


Mama's Affair | Release Details

Mama's Affair is coming to cinemas in Australia on 11 August 2022.