Magic Mike

Review: Magic Mike

16 Aug 12

It's not all about the Tatum.

Working In a cinema, I have had multiple couples ask me what this movie is like.
Men obviously wondering why their girlfriends think it would be a good idea to bring them to a film about male strippers..and women wondering why their boyfriends don't want to be a part of their fantasies.

One answer I give is; It's not as cheesy as I expected, in fact the stripping is just an undertone of what's actually happening in the movie. It's not all about raunchy dancing, there are even some sexy ladies (men laugh at this point) and some dramatic vaguely action-ey scenes and like.. stuff.. being broken. It's about life, and doing what you have to do, you know. You'll like it, trust me.

They always buy tickets, I think Channing Tatum owes me one.