Magic in the Moonlight

Magic in the Moonlight


Colin Firth and Emma Stone lead Woody Allen’s romantic comedy set in 1920s upper-class France, where an Englishman (Firth) is brought in to expose a potentially fake spiritualist (Emma Stone) – but may have met his match. Co-stars Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) and Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River).

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He's made more masterpieces than Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese combined, but Woody Allen films are still a gamble. It's an inevitable side effect of averaging one film a year for four decades. Amidst modern classics like Blue Jasmine and Vicky Christina Barcelona, there will inevitably be average movies (To Rome With Love and Small Time Crooks) and outright stinkers (Hollywood Ending; You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger). For steadfast Woody Allen fans like me, his off-days are rarely a chore. While there are some joys to found in Magic In The Moonlight, they're far too few to lift it out of the 'stinker' category.... More

Like some of his crummier recent output, this feels like an old script Allen found in a drawer somewhere. The enterprise relies heavily upon Colin Firth's exasperated reaction to Emma Stone's potentially bogus medium - it's all-too easy to picture the inevitable romantic developments playing out much more successfully with a better-suited couple.

Complaining about the storyline in a Woody Allen film is like complaining about the food at the ballet – the joys are generally to be found in the characters. But this felt especially thin. I can't remember the last time actual boredom kicked in while watching one of his works, but it definitely reared its head here.

Supporting players like Hamish Linklater and hugely underrated character actor Simon McBurney do a lot with their small roles. The film should've been about them.Hide

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BY Zamm superstar

You cannot choose who you love, and this movie is all about that. Winning and losing love in every weird and nutty way is a fact of life that this movie successfully portrayed. In the end, love is so powerful that you only hope to get the happiness you so much want and think deserve.

Romantic, entertaining and easy to watch.

I like the acting and on-screen chemistry of Colin Firth and Emma Stone very much.

BY Brian1 superstar

Disappointingly non-captivating.

BY JenniferJ wannabe

This could have been an entertaining bit of fluff if it had been trimmed by about a third: visually, it's divine - glorious settings, perfect period detail in costume, hair and props. but - oh, dear! With Colin Firth, Emma Stone and Eileen Atkins playing the leads I really expected better, but they were let down by self-indulgent directing, sluggish editing and lethargic pace, resulting in a movie that limps along despite the high-quality cast. Turkey.

Both Emma Stone and Colin Firth have always had a pretty solid track record, especially with romantic comedy-dramas, but there's something especially captivating about the way they perform when they're together, maybe because Firth is a roguishly appealing cynic hero, and Stone the quintessential 500 days of summer indie dream-girl -even if it is 1920. Speaking (literally) of which the vernacular of upper-class 1920's English-Americans in France written with a silver tongue makes for some... More seriously sharp and poetic quick-witted dialogues, coupled nicely with the immaculate Woody-Allen-esque production design which warmly massages you into a whole other secluded world. A world in which we are taken on several twists and turns, but which overall charms us in a way that -through the vessel of Firth and Stone- has you actually believing, if briefly, in magic.Hide

BY Gaspardation superstar

Like eating an icecream, you can't expect the taste to linger, but it's at least tasty.

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  • Early on, it feels like it might become one of Allen’s best. Then the narrative direction becomes clear, the possibilities narrow, and the film shuts down along with them. Full Review

  • A fugacious bit of whimsy that can only be judged minor Woody Allen. Full Review

  • Unapologetic mediocrity can be so refreshing when it's served by a master. Full Review

  • Rarely [has Allen] a story on screen that manifests so little energy, so little curiosity about its own ideas and situations. Full Review

  • Whenever Firth and Stone are onscreen together, the movie sings; the rest of the time it’s never less than a breezy divertissement. Full Review

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