Madea's Family Reunion

Madea's Family Reunion


Half comic, half socially significant melodrama about family, battered women & love. The story centers around a sassy, trash talking, southern family matriarch Madea - played by Perry in drag - and her family. Lisa (Aytes) is being pressured into marrying a wealthy but abusive businessman (Underwood); and Vanessa (Anderson) is a single mother who can't believe her od fortune when she finally meets her sensitively hunky Mr. Right (Kodjoe).... More

Resembling (in origin & set-up) NZ's No.2, this was first a stage play & is brought to the screen by the original writer / director Tyler Perry (largely unknown here, a popular comic in the States). It's also a kind-of sequel to the popular Diary of a Mad Black Woman.Hide

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26% of critics recommend.
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  • The commercials for Tyler Perry's film "Madea's Family Reunion" seem to promise a slapstick comedy about an obese black woman in late middle age who takes no guff and enjoys beating people up. It isn't exactly, and that's a disappointment.<br /><br />Mr. Perry - who directed, wrote the screenplay and plays Madea - has other ideas. (What is it about fat-lady drag that appeals to so many young black male comedians?)... Full Review

  • Sticking to the successful formula that fueled his "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," the 2005 sleeper hit that generated torrid biz in theatrical and homevid venues, multihyphenate Tyler Perry offers another blithely unbalanced mix of low comedy, sudsy sentiment and spiritual uplift in "Madea's Family Reunion." And while new pic leans more heavily toward speechifying and soap operatics, ticketbuyers pleased by its predecessor likely will queue up for second helpings. Vid sales should be snappy, even though Perry's crudely effective crowd-pleaser probably is best enjoyed in urban theaters filled with folks who aren't shy about offering running commentary about on-screen activities... Full Review