Mad Max: Fury Road

Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

12 Jun 15

More plot holes than pot holes, a triumph of incredible style over zero substance

What can I say? Being a big fan of the originals, my expectations weren't perticularly high, so I wasn't disppointed for that reason. But I certainly was disapointed... Max wasn't nearly Mad enough (just surly and miserable, like an overgrown teenager) and it was virtually impossible to have any empathy with him or any of the characters. Pretty much spent the film looking forward to them getting wasted as soon as possible. The story didn't hold up to a second of thought, and the whole thing just dragged on as a result. Even the scriptwriters seem to run out of ideas half way through, and just repeated the first section of the movie in reverse (almost exactly!) Looks brilliant, and the actions sequences are fantastic, just don't expect anything else. Shame.