Love You Like That

Love You Like That

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Mitchell Hope (Disney's Descendants) and comedian Steph Tisdell lead this Australian rom-com about a sleepy town awakened by the appearance of a mysterious woman who washes onto their beach unconscious. More

The mysterious appearance of a young woman washed up ‘starkers’ on Mim Beach turns the sleepy town into a tailspin. Is she a mermaid, why does she have amnesia, what is going on with her craving for coffee? The young woman has a profound effect on everyone she comes into contact with: a hard as nails local councilwoman, her retired Naval Captain brother, a grieving widow running the local cafe, a sensitive policeman afraid to pop the question; and Harrison, a handsome young man who runs a dating agency with his assistant Emily. During the course of one eventful day, big secrets are revealed that will make this a mythical event that will change everyone’s life forever.

2021AustraliaGlasshouse Productions, SJG films

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