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BY TUBBS superstar

Its rare to see a science fiction film that sooner or later doesn't degenerate into another "actioner". This film has a great premise but too much of the film is spent on routine action sequences not worthy of science fiction.

BY DnA superstar

I think this movie had the potential to be a 5 star. It was let down by the need to have a lead that looked like Willis and really wasn't able to carry the film. That and holes in the story. And lastly dropping off into an ending that felt incomplete and a sort of gee we've been running this for a bit now we need to end.

The idea for the movie is interesting and worth another shot. Hopefully in time there will be a remake that does what the first failed to achieve.

This is not a 4 start... More movie.Hide

BY Sarah29 superstar

I thoroughly enjoyed Looper and can't wait to see it again. The story was original and superbly acted and I found myself getting far too invested and opinionated as to what the outcome should be. The only gripe I had was that I wasn't sure who side I was meant to be on, it was hard to distinguish who the "goodies" and the "baddies" where, but I suppose that is the point! The movie definitely keeps you thinking long after you leave the theatre and by my standards that is a good sign that you... More have been thoroughly entertained!Hide

BY GrahamP superstar

What a great idea for a story.Time travel,where you can send oneself from the future to the past.That's where it gets complicated.So many things can change the future.It is well made.The story is told a little at a time so that a bigger picture is formed as the movie progresses.It is not a classic but is different and gives the viewer something to think about long after the movie has finished.

BY Deb superstar

I could easily sit through it again. Maybe it would end differently? Like 12 Monkeys there is a lot to get your head around - just enough complexification to keep you thinking. Lots of action and no way of determining where the story is going to go - you just have to enjoy it.

BY RexH superstar

Bruce Willis is no stranger to time travel. He was perfect in the Terry Gilliam re-imagining of Chris Marker's 12 Monkeys, both films excellent forays into the mind-bending possibilities of time travel. I've seen several good time travel films in recent years - "Timecrimes", the macabre Spanish offering from 2004 springs to mind and this year's comedy-action time-warp "Young Gun in the Time" from Korea - and "Looper" fits comfortably between them; somewhat humorous and somewhat dangerous.
I... More loved the premise; that crime lords from the future send characters they don't like back to the past to be whacked. Things can only get weird after that. And they do.
Apparently, in this timeline, it's okay to meet your older/younger self without dire consequences occurring. You can even punch them out. But you really shouldn't be co-existing at the same time, so I guess killing one of your selves is the best solution?
I ask myself - could I kill my older self? And would this scenario in itself become a loop? After all, I'm going to get older and eventually reach the point of being sent back - or am I? Yep, time travel will definitely fry your brain!
I wish I could talk about the ending. I wish I could talk about the kid. I wish I could talk about the mission. But that would be a real spoiler. The movie plays a bit like Terminator, a bit like Back to the Future (only a bit and there's no deLorean, but there is a fast sports car), a bit like 12 Monkeys and a bit like... Akira, the amazing manga/anime from a decade or two ago.
Does it all mesh? Does it form a cohesive whole? I'd have to say yes, because, despite all the influences, it is very much its own story, absorbing right from the start and despite a slight shift of gears (which seems to have bothered some reviewers, but I didn't have a problem with it) absorbing right up to the... explosive end. Hope that wasn't a spoiler!
Definitely worth watching more than once (knowing the ending second time round isn't a problem - you simply get more time to fry your brain trying to work out the conundrums of time travel)!Hide

BY BrionyJae superstar

I'm not too sure what I initially expected from this film - a thriller, some time travelling, some action... but wow, did these expectations get challenged! And it was brilliant! First of all, I love the concept of the Loopers, it's so original and fascinating. I was worried that the whole time travelling paradoxes and 'rules' would be an issue, but this film deals with it really well - by consciously acknowledging the complexity, and moving on. It wasn't the point of the film - and, if you... More really want to, you can examine the time travel mechanics used, and they actually stand up pretty well! So that's a big tick in the film's favour.

The acting was great - I'm a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and his willingness to use prosthetics just shows how dedicated he is. It was a little weird, but I got used to it - he actually rocked the Willis look pretty awesomely! Bruce Willis himself did an admirable job - he's jusst as BAMF as always, but he injected some real emotion into 'Looper' which gave it another dynamic. I enjoyed Emily Blunt's performance, and of course wee Pierce Gagnon, so cute and talented, wow!

Probably the thing I loved most about this film though, was the ending. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but it was such a gutsy ending! For one, I didn't predict things going down that way, so that was awesome. Interestingly enough, my initial reaction was almost negative, like "What? No! But... that sucks!" xD but then I thought about it, and I realised that it was the only way it *could* end. It pretty much changed the way I saw the whole film, actually. And now I definitely want to see it again, because I'm sure I'd get something new from it. Few films would have the balls to go through with something like this, and I reckon it gives 'Looper' that extra bit of power - which is why it's definitely a 5 star film! :)Hide

BY JayC4Shaw superstar

Two words: Loved it. Great effects, beautiful cinematography, makes you think (but not too hard to lose yourself), good action scenes. Great perspective of future - new ways of taking drugs, vehicles, weapons and a greater division between the rich and poor. If you love the movies in the headline you MUST see the movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually kicks Willis's butt with his acting skills! But Bruce is a legend - so hats off to them both!

BY Twingo nobody

Sci-fi done well is brilliant but don't waste your money - this isn't. It's a great premise - really original take on time travel but killed by the storyline. Spoiler Alert. This is not about the looper this is actually a film about a mutant kid. Trouble is it builds up the looper story in the first half and that's where the action should have stayed - on the protagonist and how he deals with his future self and his former employer - not diverted onto a poorly introduced B line. Thumbs up... More for lack of needless gratuitous sex. Violence related to the looper's job is well portrayed but big thumbs down for cliche of Willis 'taking out the baddies' - it's like being forced to watch a teenager jerk off. The endings been done - see Devil's Advocate. Real shame that a great premise has been wasted on this story - in other hands this film could have risen to Terminator II heights and cult status.Hide

BY Gerd superstar

Stylish and masterful acting. Not only just an intelligent but emotional intelligent written script too.
Great to see an ending that's not the typical American happy, happy, pancake, pancake wishy- washy but includes a true social message: Plant seeds of hate and that's what you will harvest.

BY seanoc nobody

The main story was gripping and very well interwoven.
Good twists to the core plot - that weren't given away in the trailers, which was awesome.
The minor cast were all stellar. It was awesome to see Bruce Willis back to 12 monkey's style. The way time travel was handles was straight forward without being over complex.
Many many many great action scenes that were believable - none of this "guy gets beaten up 50 times and still able to walk"
Best thinking man's time travel and action movie I've... More seen all year.Hide

It's a 4 stars from me the only reason why it's not a 5 star is because of the end.
Please note this review has a spoiler alert! SO please don't read on if you haven't seen the film.
Jo Gordon-Levitt is amazing as "Joe" he had Bruce Willis Character down to a T some very fine acting. The action scenes where amazing and lets not forget the story that went along with it.

The way time works is mind blowing and certainly is in this film, I have not stopped thinking about it since I saw the Film On... More Wednesday thanks to Flicks :)
Now because I've been thinking about it so much it makes no sense that the Rain Maker will now not arise, I am sure he will still as the other / young Joe who grew up never came into contact with the Rain Maker and the Rain Maker still turned bad, so I believe he still will when the film continues. as time is in a circle and it could all happen again, therefore ya should have killed the Kid. Now i might have it all wrong so yes disagree with me if you like.
But it sure is a kick ass film and I loved it! Just the end is a bit puzzling....Hide

Sitting here the day after viewing Rian Johnson's Looper, parts of it are still falling in to place. Standing out amongst this years crop of mostly underwhelming sequels and comic book adaptations, Looper thunders onto the screen, showing, much like Inception did two years ago, that there is a place in 2012 for fresh material and just how good it can be when it's done right.

The film tells the story of Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a hitman for an organised crime syndicate tasked with... More assassinating targets sent from the future. After being confronted with his future self (Bruce Willis) and failing to perform, Young Joe is forced to track down Old Joe and finish the job before being tracked down himself by the nefarious mob led by Abe (Jeff Daniels). However there is much more to the story than the basic premise, and Johnson isn't afraid to keep details close to his chest until later in the film than most movies of this type, so I won't spoil them here.

While certainly paying subtle homage to its predecessors, Looper is a stunningly original sci-fi masterpiece, vastly superior to any of the higher profile action releases this year. While certainly made on a much larger playing field than Johnson's previous work (Brick, The Brothers Bloom), there is still a small-scale, independent feel to the film, and it benefits from clearly staying completely under the control of the young director. Delivering excitement sprinkled with thoughtful themes of personal sacrifice, he offers us much to chew on.

Johnson understands that a successful action film doesn't need an explosion every ten minutes, and allows ample time for developing character and story, something which will likely divide audiences. Looper is very deliberately constructed, and after the highly charged opening establishing the intricate time-travel premise and direction of the plot, Johnson scales back the action almost too much as he ambitiously juggles the many and varied story elements he has created. Thankfully, any weakness in the middle of the film is largely overshadowed as Johnson launches the third act with such ferocity that the stark change of pace leaves you breathless.

Despite the problems in the middle of the film, Looper overcomes its flaws purely by being that rare beast in Hollywood nowadays, the totally original script. Not an adaptation, not a sequel or remake, but a fresh idea from the mind of an immensely talented young film-maker. In a perfect world, Looper would be the game changer it deserves to be, slapping Hollywood studios across the face and announcing that not everything has to be a PG-13 franchise based on a comic book. It's unlikely that this will the case, and it remains to be seen whether or not the film will even be a success, but it's encouraging to see that there are young auteurs at work who are fighting to craft new and exciting stories, even if we only get to see the results every year or two.


BY Tomsam nobody

Love the film, deconstructed future with the right mix of poverty and technology.
Bruce was great, a few holes in logic however the ending was uplifting.
A bit like a parable.

BY Weds_Loafers superstar

Went to a special preview of "Looper" last night with some trepidation and thoroughly enjoyed it. It will appeal greatly to a much younger audience, of course, but definitely a good watch. Loopers are based in the movie's present (2044) and kill people to order for the criminal gangs who send them back from 2074 using time travel (which by then has been made illegal). The "loop" can be closed at any time by sending back the Looper's future self for execution, which means the Looper then has 30... More years to enjoy "retirement".
The movie had some great action sequences and the young/old Looper pair are well portrayed by Gordon-Levitt and Willis (one completely OTT sequence involving Willis's character almost spoils it, however). Some shades of "Terminator" in the side plot to kill the child who will become the future evil Rain Maker.
Some interesting thoughts about time travel were provoked by the movie but I didn't allow them to intrude too much into my overall enjoyment. Joan and I both gave this movie 4 stars.Hide

BY FRoebeck wannabe

Coming from a not so into action film loving chick- I LOVED the movie, I think more so than my boyfriend :D top notch actors (definitely including the little boy), good story line. The movie had its scary, intense, sad and surprisingly funny bits so all in all a great movie and I have already recommended it to family and friends :)

Interestingly enough it didn't get bogged down in the time travel paradox as much as I thought it would; letting the audience simply 'go with it' rather than debating the cause and effect notion of the loop in mind boggling detail. The standout for me was a scene about half an hour in - I won't say anything but you'll know it when you see it; the more you think, the more you squirm.
Overall, nothing like what I expected yet brilliant - simply brilliant.

BY JBycroft nobody

Johnson doesn't over explain things, so as the guy beside me learnt the hard way, may result in questions from partially interested partners; but If you can keep up its an exciting ride through the late 2000's.

Not the balls out sci-fi action flick that the trailer would have you believe and that is no problem because the actual movie is smart, imaginative and exciting.
Damned good.

BY Klayman nobody

Didn't have an expectations going into the movie and was more stoked to having won a competition.
I enjoyed the dialogue between old & young Joe, both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis both played excellent parts but Pierce Ganon (Cid) was the one who stole it for me.

The solar powered cars and hoverbikes did ruin things a little for me and I saw no real point to them.
Certainly not a mind bending time travel movie like 12 monkeys so don't be put off.

Would recommend going with a friend... More to discuss things afterwardsHide

started off a little slow and then was action packed and had me on the edge of the seat, a couple of times cringed and felt disturbed when bruce willis killed the young boy at the beginning, longish but really enjoyable, time travel movie don't usually do much for me, this one was great!

BY Ken-Burns superstar

It's like Carrie with a 10 year old doing the freaky moving stuff with your mind
in a nasty way

Director Rian Johnson ('Brick' and 'The Brothers Bloom') delivers an adult sci-fi with something to say. 'Looper' recalls Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' for sheer audacity and vision, and Peter Weir's 1985 Harrison Ford starring 'Witness' for intelligence and character development.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe... and so does Bruce Willis. And any niggles you may have heard about how Gordon-Levitt's make-up spoils your viewing pleasure? I say "Bull." Kazuhiro Tsuji, the designer of... More Gordon-Levitt's prosthetic make-up, does an amazing job. And any quibbles about Willis' acting? I say "Bull" - times two. He can act... when he has a decent director and script - just watch him in 'Twelve Monkeys' or 'Unbreakable' or 'Pulp Fiction.' Willis can act. He just gets paid so much to be in so much by-the-numbers generic Hollywood dross that he doesn't often bother...

But the standout acting here is neither by Gordon-Levitt nor Willis. Remember how Haley Joel Osment stole the show from Bruce in 'The Sixth Sense'? Well little Pierce Gagnon does the same here, as the little boy in the care of Emily Blunt's character, Sara. He shines, and it's testament to Rian Johnson's direction that he can coax such a convincing performance out of one so young.

Like the direction, the script is first rate, laced with comic irony, great ideas and a moral message too. The stand-out scene is the cafe meeting between old and young Joe. The dialogue crackles and the tension is undercut by a wonderful wit that has you simultaneously smiling and squirming in your seat.

The only way you'll feel let down is if you go in expecting an all-out, balls-to-the-wall action sci-fi spectacle. It's more 'Drive' than 'Die Hard' - with the action and violence coming in hard, fast and brutal bursts in a narrative propelled by characters rather than cliche. That said, the sci fi elements are all there, subtly interwoven into a future where things aren't all shiny and silver. Instead they're a bit, well, crap. Solar panels strapped higgledy-piggledy onto cars. Floating speed bikes that don't quite work. It all feels more grubbily realistic than futuristically flash.

Nathan Johnson's score superbly accompanies every nuance and beat of the narrative and Steve Yedlin's cinematography and Bob Ducsay's editing are first rate. As are the supporting cast, from Emily Blunt's protective mother figure to Jeff Daniels as Abe, the gangster from the future, who at one point explains: "This time travel crap; just fries your brain like an egg." Paul Dano is great as poor old Seth the Looper loser, as is Noah Segan as the much maligned Kid Blue - who pretty much ends up with the sh*t end of the Looper's blunderbuss throughout.

When all's said and done this is one of those movies that makes movie nuts like me wonder why we sift through so much Hollywood garbage - because sometimes, less often than we'd like, there's a diamond to be found in that river of effluent pumped out by the 'Dream Factory' and 'Looper' is one of those rare gems.Hide