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BY Kris7574 wannabe

Went to see it on the strength of the reviews only to find myself completely underwhelmed, nay bored. Charlize Theron is stunning though, it must be said.

BY Tracey3 nobody

Not what I was expecting, I loved it!! Great movie.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie. I like Seth Rogen but wasn't expecting to love this movie. The movie starts off with an unlikely combination of an idealistic journalist who looks like he still lives in his parents basement (he doesn't) and his former babysitter whom he had a crush on who's now running for the Presidency. The stars are aligned and perhaps the crush may have not been a one-way thing, leading to the now unemployed journalist working for his former crush as her... More speechwriter to inject humour into speeches.

As they travel the world armed with the presidential runner's greenie idealism that she's nurtured from childhood, love blossoms. I'll leave it at that. There are many funny and endearing scenes throughout the movie. More so through the middle of the movie. The scenes right at the end don't quite fit with the movie and it's like Seth Rogen is just poking fun at us. The supporting cast play their part in making this an endearing movie. There are some serious bits, but overall you'll enjoy it as a lighthearted loveable movie with loveable characters.Hide

Not normally one for 'Rom-Coms' this blew me away! Funny! Good plot! Great actors & Actresses. Thoroughly recommended!

BY pmachado nobody

A really good movie. The actors have great chemistry. Great jokes, a bit of action, lots of fun!

A fun, entertaining and hilarious rom-com. Rogen and Theron are great together, supported by the surprisingly hilarious Alexander Skarsgård, June Diane Raphael, O’Shea Jackson Jr and newcomer Ravi Patel.

Some fantastic topical humour in there, that doesn't shy away from poking fun at the current political situation in the US.


Think about "something about Mary" + "The west wing" and you have got "Long Shot"
Its funny with a strong female lead, Seth Rogan never fails to delivery of course, and he is up to his usual self and jokes.
Great feel good movie with a few hilarious bits in between

BY brose333 nobody

not being a huge fan of rom coms I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud througthis movie, seth rogan has some hilarious one liners that make you stay engaged with his character, Charlize theron is stunning as always and adds to rogans humour.it is hard not to draw parallels with our own primeminister with some of the scenes with charlizes character being a political dynamo and rogan a down on his luck journalist mimicking real life events. although fill with some of the... More normal cliché moments youd expect in a romcom this was a great night out and a good laugh, maybe a little long but very funny.Hide

BY Simon-Howard superstar

A very cute and charming rom-com with a script packed full of laughs and political edge.
Too long, and a wish fulfillment fantasy for sure (with an unnecessary stoner scene as per the norm for Seth Rogen movies) but on the whole, easily the funniest film of 2019 to date and possibly the best American rom-com since The Big Sick.

A very pleasant surprise. As a rom-com, it hits all of the expected notes, but with some nice tweaks - like the midpoint explosion, and the gentle way they handled everything falling apart before getting put back together again. I laughed way harder than I expected to in this film, recommend.

BY MariaC superstar

This was a great movie albeit a long one. A few good laughs, some hilarious ones, a bit of romance........ ie romcom.... Definitely recommend it for date night.

Fun movie, full of laughs and with a few plot twists.

Great movie. Recommendable.