London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen


Prepare for bloody hell.

Gerard Butler returns in this follow-up to Olympus Has Fallen. The British Prime Minister's funeral in London turns into a war zone when a terrorist organisation moves forward with their plan to assassinate all the attending leaders of the Western world. Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo and Aaron Eckhart also return.

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Although not especially well-regarded by history, 2013's Olympus Has Fallen delivered a very watchable stream of slickly executed violent action movie tropes. The old school swagger on display helped push the film beyond its initial status as the Pepsi to White House Down's Coca-Cola. ... More

Very little of that unapologetically fascistic appeal has made it into this thoughtless sequel, which gives generic action movies a bad name.

Gerard Butler remains a highly-convincing shit-kicker and his awesomely-named secret service agent Mike Banning remembers to stab a few people in the head, but the action around him is so boring I cannot recall a single set-piece one day after seeing the movie. And if you thought the CGI looked cheap in the first film, just wait for the sub-TV visual effects that unfurl here.

The over-talented supporting cast are given very little to do. Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo and Robert Forster all return, but those last two barely speak and are never shown outside the 'command centre' set that shows up in every second action movie.

The film's slapped-together nature is most depressingly apparent in the one scene where Butler and Freeman's characters meet: it's blindingly obvious that the actors were never in the same room, and their individually shot scenes have been composited together with all the skill of a five-year-old with snips.

This reviewer has a very low bar for mainstream action movies. London Has Fallen nimbly limbo-ed well beneath it.Hide

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BY silentbob88 superstar

This is basically the same incarnation as the previous one.... just substitute the USA for UK, and if you want a no brainer with lots of shooting and cheesy one liners this is your movie. I like Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman, but this movie is a dud...or mis-fire!!

BY thorinoak superstar

The action set pieces are the only thing that could have possibly saved London Has Fallen with a color by numbers script and 'twists' that are hardly original.

BY Brendo superstar

It is too easy to pick apart 'London Has Fallen', with its obvious political propaganda, cheesy one-liners and predictable climax but I will stop short of saying that the production was an all out disaster. Once again it is these Hollywood executives that actually believe that this sequel to 'Olympus Has Fallen' needed to be made in the first place. Could it be the conglomerate of production companies behind this movie have little regard for the intelligence of the average film punter, that... More they as the viewer cannot realise what is being told to them? Or could it be that these 'big boys' just don't care and believe that there is a successful market still available to them? I really couldn't confidently answer these questions but I do know one redeeming feature that 'London Has Fallen' does have going for it - it is entirely mind numbing violence where the audience can completely escape and not have to think about a thing. With this in mind, a couple of hours of escapism on a rainy afternoon was never going to hurt.
Well known action genre Director, Antoine Fuqua attached himself to the original 'Olympus Has Fallen' and in his place is the little known Babak Najafi. Fuqua's expertise are sorely missed in this struggling sequel as Najafi tries his best to give the audience an experience that would justify the $60 million price tag that has been forked out. Unfortunately this hefty budget could have been spent on something else. Babak has failed to connect with the viewer and perhaps he felt compelled to make such a film that is beyond the realms of believable and lacks genuine purpose other than to give Gerard Butler something to do. All too quickly does 'London Has Fallen' become to predictable, following a well worn track that many films of the past have followed. It is almost a throw-back to the 1980's when the audiences perception was far from what it is today and everybody enjoyed the mindless carnage without any resemblance of a story. The screenplay written by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt is basic. It provides very little challenge for the more accomplished actors attached to the film and at times seems to be rushed as if the script writers ran out of ideas.
It starts out in dubious circumstances with the mysterious death of the British Prime Minister. A hasty funeral is arranged and as predicted, the most powerful men and women in the world converge on London to pay their respects. American President, Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and his 'best pal', security expert and body guard, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) fire up Air Force One even though there is a chance that this could all be a trap. It doesn't take long for the suspicions to become reality as a group of very organised terrorists go about eliminating the 'Leaders of the free world'. President Asher and Banning are able to escape but not before being put through a series of impossible scenarios that would leave mere mortal men dead and buried. While all this is happening the calming influence of America's Vice President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), provides the rest of the panicked world the righteous leadership it needs to survive all the carnage. Absolutely awesome stuff!!!
You can imagine Butler saying yes to this sequel and his role as the loyal, tough and extremely well trained 'President sitter' is right in his acting range. I don't mind the big Scot but anything too challenging for his limited range and he is found wanting very quickly. Butler's colleagues on the other hand does surprise me. Aaron Eckhart can put in some very accomplished performances and a second outing as the very heroic President Asher just seems below him as is Morgan Freeman's appearance as Vice President Trumbull. Freeman is an acting icon and has brought to life some of the greatest characters on the 'silver screen' but perhaps the great man just needed a lazy role where he could just sit around and mumble out a few inspirational lines in that familiar deep soothing voice which he is lucky to possess. Angela Bassett has a cameo as does Radha Mitchell playing the pregnant wife of Mike, Leah Banning. All the cast work within the confines of a limited script but the only stand out performance here are the guns on automatic fire and the stunts that do provide the bulk of the entertainment.
'London Has Fallen' could be best described as an Xbox video game. All stupid fun but very little substance. It is a 'McBain' film out of 'The Simpson's', where nothing else matters than to kill the bad guy with swift vengeance and very little thought. Babak Najifi's film is okay without reaching any great satisfaction but if you are into a couple of hours where one can completely switch off then 'London Has Fallen' just might be the break from reality that you are looking for.Hide

Having not seen Olympus Has Fallen, I had no pre-conceived notions of this sequel. I rarely opt to watch action movies and I just tagged along to this one. Storyline was basic, there were no "Well, I didn't see that coming" moments; quite predictable.

It delivered on cringeworthy death scenes though, enough for me to gasp at least.

3 stars, I was satisfied but no one has reinvented the wheel here.

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  • Plausible at its core, if not in its details, which is partly why it succeeds in laying claim to an audience's attention for the entirety of its swift running time. Full Review

  • It's all so overly macho that it plays like a camp pleasure-cruise. Full Review

  • There is some surreal fun at the beginning as everything collapses... But then it's the same thing over again. Full Review

  • It's a film that doesn't so much invite you to switch off your brain as take it out and dump it in the nearest popcorn box. Full Review

  • For all the slicing and dicing of the editing, narrative momentum grinds to a trudge after the synthetic spectacle of the capital's undoing. Full Review

  • It starts off as a taut, straight-from-the-headlines thriller, but eventually devolves into a giddy, cartoonish fantasy, where the world's complex problems can be solved with a punch to the face and a follow-up wisecrack. Full Review

  • Represents a geopolitical obliteration fantasy flushed from the mind of the angriest and dumbest and most conspiracy-minded among us. Full Review

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