Life of a King

Life of a King


Think before you move.

True-story urban drama, about an ex-con who brought the wonders of chess to inner-city kids of Washington DC. Incarcerated for a bank robbery, Eugene found solace in the game during his 18 years in prison – a passion he hopes to provide kids who need it the most.

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38% of critics recommend.
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  • Unquestionably well-meaning, this tale of an ex-con who teaches some inner-city teens about discipline through chess treads incredibly familiar emotional terrain. Full Review

  • The furious energy with which Mr. Gooding stifles his own intensity becomes a fascinating subtext in what is otherwise a forgettable film. Full Review

  • A well-intentioned but thuddingly obvious addition to the 'Stand and Deliver' subgenre of high-school inspirational dramas. Full Review

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