Les Misérables (2012)

Review: Les Misérables (2012)

07 Feb 13

I loved this film.

would not of thought that such a thing could be humanly possible but it is. After all I do not count myself as a massive musical fan or a fan of the original source being either the book or the musical. Having nether seen the musical or read the book, I wasn't sure as what to think about the story as what I had heard was mainly synopsis from iMDB or other such websites.

I was quite surprised at how detailed the story actually was. Which is nice considering at what low expectations I had of the story on a whole.

The film stands apart from the most modern film musical with the largely incredible performances from the cast. Which rest on the shoulders of an incredible Hugh Jackman. But the supporting characters of the film have some quite incredible performances. Most namely Eddie Remane and the incredible Anne Hathaway.

Tom Hooper show's what a talented director he truly is. Demanding incredible performance's from all of the cast. Which is what he gets no question. But also the way in which he shoot's this film. From the long close up's he uses to the incredible swooping shoots that shows just how amazing the spectacle of Les Miz truly is.

All in all. I was not expecting to like this film as much as did. But came out of it with a tear to my eye but also throughly enjoying this film.