Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen


A thriller about an everyday guy (Gerard Butler) who loses everything when criminals kill his family. After a plea bargin set's the killers free, he takes justice into his own hands. His target: the district attorney (Jamie Foxx) who orchestrated the deal.... More

From the writer of Street Kings and The Recruit and the director of The Italian Job.Hide

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I watched this one...and it drew me in. I wasnt sure where it was going...killers kill guys wife and child..Law lets them of...10 years later guy goes after the killers and the Detective that helped get the killers of! Its fast..its tough but its good. Very parts...and its got a good story....and is well acted. Its something alittle different....not your normal revenge story movie! See it if you like blood and guts...

This has to be one of the worst movies I have been to. People were leaving the cinema about 40 minutes into it, I stuck it out for an hour and when the so called ....Law Abiding Citizen..totally stabbed his cell mate to death resulting in what must have been two truck loads of blood scattered around the cell, I decided I too had seen enough. Chaining a killer down and then attacking his penis with a wrench, his testicles with a chopper and slicing limbs and torso off with a skillsaw does not... More make good viewing. The rave reviews of other people here is beyond me! Give it a big MISS.Hide

Law Abiding Citizen is very much a well-made thriller that will satisfy the mature audiences. It's a good dark ride that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but get you thinking too. Just don't expect this to break the formula, or give you three dimensional characters.

Loved this movie.. My sister and I was on the edge of our seats watching this.. The ending should be a bit better but other than that it was AWESOME... Gerard Butler was Brilliant and HOTTT lol

Was an excellent movie but the ending was a little flat... Still recommend it though

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  • Could have made for a decent enough B-movie renter if it had just aimed a bit lower, but the moral drum-banging only serves to throw its failings into even sharper relief Full Review

  • True torture-porn aficionados will be disappointed, as editor Tariq Anwar cuts away right before blade meets flesh -- a move that feels a tad, well, gutless under the circumstances. But elsewhere, "Citizen" proves startlingly graphic, even by R-rated standards. Full Review

  • If you can get past its rather unpleasant, reactionary message, this is a slickly made, trashily entertaining and ridiculously implausible thriller that's more fun than it has any right to be. Full Review