Lars and the Real Girl

Review: Lars and the Real Girl

By Bonux
17 Apr 08

French version was smarter

I kind of regret I went to see that movie, especially after watching a brilliant French comedy titled "Monique" released in 2003 with the same bland character, an inflatable doll that is. I loved "Monique" better for several reasons, first the script was written by a woman which offers a very original view on marital relationship. Second the main character, Albert Dupontel (from Opera Seat or something) is absolutely witty. The biggest difference in "Monique" is that Dupontel plays a 40 y.o. grown up man who is no longer in love with his wife for some reasons that we all go through (life). Even funnier, his wife is actually competing with the doll (Monique) to get her husband back. Not mentionning the fact that Dupontel's mates (grown up males too) also start falling in love with Monique because from us males she has only good qualities ;-), one of the mates secretely dreams of borrowing it/her. That movie "Monique" was a real cracker but never vulgar, it has the usual light philosophical approach of most French comedies. And yet again Hollywood pinched the idea without bringing an original touch. Poor rating from me.