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Keira Knightley stars in this comedy-drama from the director of Your Sister’s Sister, following a woman who can’t let go of her youth. When her boyfriend proposes, she delays the question by using a fake ‘business trip’ excuse to get away from the situation. Instead, she hangs out with a 16-year-old whom she bought beer for (Chloë Grace Moretz), as well as her clued-up father (Sam Rockwell).

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69% of critics recommend.
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  • There are light and fluffy pleasures to be had from this disposable rom-com. Full Review

  • It's not going to change your life, but there's an undeniable old school charm to it. Full Review

  • How much you get out of this American indie romcom will depend on where you stand on Keira Knightley doing her goofy, 'What me?' normal girl routine. Full Review

  • Lynn 'Humpday' Shelton takes a sideways look at the challenges of growing up. Not, perhaps, her very best but still very watchable. Full Review

  • Profits from the cast's amiable chemistry amid the A-B storytelling. Just don't expect it to define a generation. Full Review

  • A nice movie. It's frisky and cheerful, even when tears are on the way. But it isn't a very good movie, mainly because, like its heroine, it's reluctant to make up its mind about what it wants to be. Full Review

  • From production values to performances to the script, everything here is more polished than we've come to expect from Shelton's lovably loose films. Yet the finished product still feels of a piece with that body of work. Full Review

  • Knightley gives a delightfully loose-limbed performance in Lynn Shelton's polished sixth feature. Full Review

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