Lady Macbeth

Review: Lady Macbeth

13 Oct 17

Low budget, high achievements.

This is the first feature film from director William Oldroyd, a riveting period drama / film noir that keeps you wanting more.
Florence Pugh brilliantly plays the title character, Katherine, that we see evolve in many ways as the film advances. Starting as a victim of her circumstances , it isn't long before she takes control of her situation ... no matter what it requires.
It is a smart, chilling, and gripping movie that does not rely on any musical score, on fancy camera work or on dialogue to take hold of the audience, but rather rely on its clever use of location, its sustained tense and gripping storytelling, and its remarkable performances.
Seeing Florence Pugh in this role felt like seeing the birth of an acting star ... a bit like seeing Jennifer Lawrence's performance in Winter's Bone: impressive.