La La Land filmlover'S REVIEW

4 stars for the final scene

BY filmlover superstar

Good but not great. Clearly everyone wants a feel good flick in these dark times because this is not a 5 star film.
Stone and Gosling do a fine job with no other characters being fleshed out at all. The songs are average at best and the dancing essentially only works as an homage to West Side Story and the brilliance of Astaire and
Rogers. The strength of this film is that most of us can relate to the difficulties of maintaining a relationship under the pressure to achieve and the final scene perfectly illustrates all the emotionally charged hopes and dreams of lovers everywhere. If you don't like musicals don't go. If you love great musicals you may be less than impressed. La La Land is no 'The Way We Were' but in it's own small way it tells an age old story that is uplifting and depressing at the same time.