Kubo and the Two Strings

Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

23 Aug 16

Charming and poignant

Going in to "Kubo" I had no expectations. On watching it, I found it to be enchanting and engaging. This is what animation should be striving for - a rich story and mythology, nuanced characters, conflict and solution. The story is simple enough for children, but deep and engaging enough for adults. And the artistry of the film is fantastic. Some spooky moments may make the film a bit unsuitable for particularly sensitive children, but I think that most children would be fine.
If you're looking for a film with a beautiful, touching story this is what you're looking for.
There have been some complaints about "whitewashing," and it's true that the voice actors are generally white. Had this been a physically acted film, I'd be on board with the complaints, but in this case the voices are right for the audience and characters. An American-born Japanese voice actor would sound the same. Perhaps look at it as though it's been translated for this audience.