Jupiter Ascending 3D

Review: Jupiter Ascending 3D

20 Feb 15

Starry Eyed

Jupiter Ascending
If you hate your life, you’ll like this movie. Way better than I thought and it beat my expectations by quite a lot. Mix some ‘MIB’, ‘I Am Number Four’, ‘Star Wars’ and some ‘John Carter of Mars’ and this flick will enthral you. The action fast paced start like ‘Ronin’ (came after a slow first scene) with camera sequence like on speeder bikes! Bang, I’m hooked. With the intergalactic bureaucratic information precision and processing speed of a Vogon. Honesty a great watch and way more romantic than 50 Shades of anything. Totally best to watch in 3d on the big screen.
Genre : Star Wars, Romance, Drama, Action
4/5 : I did really enjoy it, just felt I’d seen it before, just played out on a different stage.