Jack the Giant Slayer

Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

12 Apr 13

Fee-fo-fi-fum, ask not where this idea came from

While the second line of the poem no longer mentions the blood of an Englishman, the actors are British and the setting is unmistakably a fairy tale version of Britain.

Stealing to get rich has been replaced by a more heroic lets-rescue-the-princess theme, which removes the dubious morality of making a hero out of a recidivist thief. Though I can't see an obvious reason why the script writer replaced Jack's mother with an uncle, nor why there are no female giants in the film.

The film seems to have relatively modest aims of entertaining kids, parents and others with a familiar, but sanitised, fairy tale augmented with other familiar themes and populated with characters that are easy to understand. Seen in that light I think Jack the Giant Slayer is entertaining, well paced and acted without being spectacular, challenging or memorable.