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BY thorinoak superstar

Not as good as the first but its still Robert Downey Jr. at his best.

Compelling action packed adventure, Great explosions probally because of USA lol no surprize if is. Loved the storyline, The great thing was it wasnt a movie which you watch and halfway through want it to end, e.g - maybe Narnia

Was not looking forward to watching this movie but some good twists in this movie and i found it very enjoyable and funny. I would watch this again, but not my favourite movie.


Saw this with my mates. Fricken insane movie!

blah blah blah

Not within a country mile of the very cool original. Meandering and uninteresting, with the bad guy out-numbered two to one... Where's the suspense in that?

Additionally they seem to be selling Stark as a "good" arms dealer, with his enemy being the "bad" arms dealer. WTF? Since when did being an arms dealer become ok with Hollywood? (My guess is when Murdoch started paying for movies). The appearance of O'Rielly, one of the most nasty, right-wing nut-jobs in America, confirms the moral... More turpitude of this film.

Downey and Rockwell ARE excellent however, but one suspects that this has nothing to do with the film.


great muvie! i would watch it over again if i have tooo! lol. awesom! ...S2...

I loved Iron Man 1.

It was a movie I could recommend to guys and girls across most ages, and even if super hero action films weren't their thing, they al generally enjoyed it and thought it was pretty cool.

Iron Man 2 was still entertaining but could not reach the heights of the first. Some glimpses of great action scenes but then always left wanting.

The flimsy additional characters seemed like the infamous flop that was "Batman & Robin" while quick back and forth un-funny dialogue made... More me feel like I was watching Gilmore Girls. Having just seen Inglorious Basterds and Kick Ass as my last 2 action movies, Iron Man 2 seemed like it was definitely targeted more at the tween/ teen market. "Light action" + a weak plot and characters. But then again still somewhat entertaining.Hide

Wicked special effects, i liked the first one but this one in my view is better. The special effects can't be beat

Could have been half an hour shorter too, but still, Tony drunk in the Iron Man suit is hilarious.

Ehhh. Ummm.
Two thumbs up, then I withdraw them..
If awesome grafics and big booms with a weak storyline (Completely hollywood) then this is the movie for you.
Then again, with one of my favorite actors, and one of my favorite superheros, Im afraid to say it was horrible.
Its half and half. Just to many movies reliy on hot women and flashy grafics and junk now, instead of a gripping storyline. Gosh this is a hard one.

Why are iron man villains so boring?

Characters cool but the storyline didn't hold a candle to the first one...still enjoyed it but felt a bit disappointed in the overall film.

BY Gansqa wannabe

Great movie, fully recommend it. Fit in with the last movie brilliantly, not too much of a jump from the last movie. Make sure you watch after the credits, sneak of the next movie!

Better than the first movie, loved the character of Toni Stark and Robert plays him brilliantly. The story continues to keep me engaged and looking forward to the next Iron Man movie. Definately a movie I can watch again and again (shame it was not filmed in 3D) if you havn't seen this movie on the big screen go see it TODAY

Excellent movie. Good balance between story development (the Avengers storyline gets some more attention here) and action. Those not familiar with the Marvel universe may get a bit lost. Scarlet Johannsen's Black Widow character is one of the highlights - I hope the Black Widow gets her own movie cos she was hot.

I'm not convinced it lived up to the HUGE pre-release hype, but it's right up there with the first movie. Go in without any inflated pre-determined expectations and you'll enjoy the... More movie a lot more.

Such is the life of a sequel - some will love it and some will hate it.

The so-called pro reviews I've read on Empire, Hollywood Reporter and Variety are ridiculous. Did these critics actually WATCH the movie?

Good movie, good fun.Hide

I just watched Iron Man 2 for the second time, what can I say?...
Jon really dropped the ball on this one, I went into the theaters with high expectations and left feeling incomplete, dissapointed and angry. Iron Man 2 trys to force to much material into the space of 130 minutes.
Lets first start with the new characters, first there's Black Widow who I felt could have been cut out of he movie all together, she doesn't really serve any purpose in the film except to mix it up between Tony and... More Pepper and of course to look hot (which she does I might add:P). Then there's Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), what I don't understand is that he doesn't appear untill about half way through the film and again is just there as a sub-plot so to speak.
O.K, then there's the villains, first Ivan Vanko/Whiplash (Mickry Rourke), who I must say did a fantastic job, he is probably the highlight of the film, that is untill ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** he gets his Mark II suit which just looks disgusting, trust me once you see this thing you'll wish he kept the first one through the entire movie. **SPOILERS END** Then there is Justin Hammer who again is great, he has great lines inluding my favourite "I don't know if you know this but I DON'T SPEAK RUISSIAN."
And last and yes unfourtunatley probably least War Machine, I must give credit where it's due Don Cheadle is 100X better than Terrance the sad thing about War Machine is that he only has 25-30 minutes of screen time, which I was very pissed about. Then there's the crap little after the credits scene trust me it's not evn worth it don't bother.
Overall the opening credits scene is probably one of the best I have ever seen, I feel like they really rushed this movie and it feels quite dull in parts. There is definatley room for improvement btut don't fret nerds will get thier nerdgasims with refrences to Captain America and Thor. I don't think this movie lives up to the hype be prepared for dissapointment, overall I give it a 6/10. Which is generous.Hide

Iron Man 2 has a lot to live up to, unfortunetly it doesn't. I've seen it twice now as I wanted to be sure on my feeling towards it, sadly the second time in rage I upped and left the theater. I will do a full review on Saturday untill then enjoy (or not).

Iron Man 2 has been one of the most anticipated movie of 2010. After the success of Iron Man, which blew people away, Iron Man 2 has been (for me) a long time coming.

I can't be bothered writing a long review actually, and I don't want to say anything about the story's plot because I don't want to ruin everything, but the with the addition of Black Widow, War Machine and Nick Fury the action is better, the dialogue is better and just EVERYTHING IS BETTER.