I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man


Paul Rudd stars alongside Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) in this romantic-comedy from the writer of Zoolander and Meet the Parents (a good CV, to be sure).... More

Rudd plays Peter, a friendless guy about to get married without a best man. To rectify the situation he goes on a series of awkward man-dates and winds up bonding with the raucous Sydney (Segel). But their extreme friendship puts a strain on Peter's relationship with his fiancée. Also stars Jon Favreau, JK Simmons and Rashida Jones.

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Paul Rudd has never been better. Here he plays Peter Klaven, a socially awkward dweeb who can’t exit a man-to-man situation without stumbling over his own words in an effort to be ‘down’. He’s such a great character, obviously summoned from the real-life experiences of Rudd and writer-director John Hamburg, and instantly likeable.

While Rudd practices his geek chic, Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Jason Segel lumbers into the film as a laid-back dude called Sydney, proud owner of a man cave and a straight-up sense of honesty. How do we feel about him? Is he friendly or just a bit creepy? The answer is a bit of both, and this grey area is explored on the safe but steady route to the ending as Sydney and Peter rock out at concerts, eat corn-dogs and stroll along Venice Beach.

A solid supporting cast bring plenty of fodder for Peter’s social embarrassment. It’s all very amiable and cheerful - a light, bright comedy that’s amusing rather than hilarious, lifted by the winning combination of Rudd and Segel. I Love You, Man doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it takes a simple concept and does it well.

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Watched this on a plane, and like 'Sore ribs', laughed out loud and couldn't stop. Watch this film!

I saw this on a late flight across the Tasman. I laughed out loud and my embarsed boyfriend elebowed me in the ribs. This did not disturb me from laughing again, and again and again.
Net result, sore ribs from laughing and being elbowed.

There are some particular scenes that are absoloutley hilarious, am thinking about watching it again

A vey Funny movie

Not all comedy has to make you pee your pants, I like'd the light-heartedness of it and the way Peter was brought out of his shell. Def worth a watch.

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  • Above all, just plain funny. It's funny with some dumb physical humor, yes, and some gross-out jokes apparently necessary to all buddy movies, but also funny in observations, dialogue, physical behavior and Sydney Fife's observations as a people-watcher. Full Review

  • An amusing scenario gets a big boost from winning performances all round -- which lift it well above other bride vs. buddy 'triangle' japes like, say, "You, Me And Dupree." Full Review

  • It's a rare comedy that actually grows funnier on reflection. It benefits enormously from the talents of the two stars. Full Review

  • Could have taken a more relevant, insightful and even funnier cut at a very rich topic. But the filmmakers didn't; they went with dog poo instead. Full Review

  • A fitfully funny comedy. Full Review

  • It doesn't have the bonkers stupidity of Forgetting Sarah Marshall or the downright awkwardness of Knocked Up, but I Love You, Man is a simple, funny story told well with a great supporting cast. Best of all, it has a lower cheese factor than most chick flicks. Full Review

  • There’s continuous chuckles rather than a barrel of belly-laughs in this warm winner. A sweet, slightly shambling buddy-movie that will please those who prefer gags to gagging. Full Review

  • A Judd Apatow clone that's one of the few recent R-rated raunch fests the ubiquitous auteur of larky crudeness actually had nothing to do with, I Love You, Man cranks out the kind of lowball humor that makes you gag on your own laughs. Full Review