Hugo 3D

Review: Hugo 3D

16 Feb 12

Hugo 1st, then me.

Hugo 3D
I wasnt expecting much due to all the hype, and thanks to 'AI', 'Sexy Beast', 'Bruno' and 'Harry Potter' actors it truely tugs at you in all the right places. This emotional roller coaster has great direction and acting. Now I can see why ther was such a hopla about it. Only let down by some of the kids acting,but thats normal for kids, still held up its end. On many levels it delivers, with the automoton used for re-occuring symbolism and of course deeper features throughout. Fully worth watching in 3D, it helps put you next to the characters, not just watching.
Genre : Youth, adventure, family, discovery
5/5 : Found it just fantastic and wonderful to watch, I'd happily watch it again.