How it Ends

How it Ends

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The Divergent franchise's Theo James tries to get home to his pregnant wife after a mysterious apocalyptic event turns everything to chaos. Co-stars Forest Whitaker.

2018Canada, USA

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Flicks, Luke Buckmaster

Flicks, Luke Buckmaster

When will the world end, and why on earth is it taking so long? These are not ideal questions to ponder while watching a film about the apocalypse. And yet in the Netflix-produced How it Ends, a doomsday road movie almost pathologically devoid of purpose, we wait and wait and wait, and the mind wanders. Director David M. Rosenthal finds news ways to say and feel nothing. There are no bold ideas or thought bubbles; no exciting action sequences or set pieces. It isn't thick, spooky smoke that chokes the characters in this film but a terrible air of complacency.

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How it Ends is available to stream in Australia now on Netflix.