How Far Is Heaven

Review: How Far Is Heaven

By adeej
24 Aug 12

A wonderful portrayal of the special life that goes on in Jerusalem!

I saw this film at the "Film Talk" event at the Rialto Cinemas Newmarket, and was able to talk to the filmmakers afterwards. This documentary film is a wonderful portrayal of life where the white Sisters of Compassion have been welcomed and accepted as Tangata Whenua of this area. Taking the film-viewer through four seasons in the village, the seasons also illustrate different stages in the lives of the village's residents - particularly the kids. The portrayed inter-relationships between light and darkness, holiness and profanity & hope and hopelessness carry through the film. The sisters do an amazing job with the children in this village, and have the patience of saints! The village of Jerusalem is changing with much of the road through being sealed now, and the route being recognised as a tourist attraction. This film provides a wonderful record of history and shows the realities of living in one of the most isolated places in New Zealand.