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BY bonus nobody

Rented this movie on the basis of all the good reviews here. Sigh yet another boring as hell comedy, totally disappointed.

BY Coraliee superstar

I agree with the other reviews...I watched this with high expectations, especially with all the big names. It was humerous, a bit of a laugh here and there. Jason Bateman is funny with his serious look and he doesn't even have to speak. However, something was missing from this movie...I can't quite put my finger on it, the 'laugh out loud' factor was missing.

BY morgana1972 superstar

the Boss from Hell? give them what they want & they'll leave you alone. YEAH RIGHT!. A good throw back for the model employee to watch.

BY munchkin superstar

Loved liked it funny

BY bigspendakev superstar

With all the famous names you would think this would be a movie well worth watching its not a bad movie but its definately one you shouldnt spend your money on instead wait till it shows on sky or free tv then the only person that stands out is Jason bateman who really has improved a lot in recent years

BY Abe213 grader

I went into this film expecting to love it. I came out liking it.

Several of my favourite actors: Bateman and Day and some other guy.

This movie is entertaining, there is no doubt about that but i couldn't help but feel that a lot of the jokes were merely cheap attempts at humour. Come on Seth Gordon. You brought us the King of Kong! You can do better than this!

BY Brian1 superstar

somewhat lame, use of the crude, albeit funny crude, a poor subsitiute for real humour, and from a real star line-up too!!

BY John_S nobody

Laughed all through the movie. Great cast and well worth the price of admission.

BY JayC4Shaw superstar

Maybe I was expecting too much.

I loved Jens character to the bones, so funny. Good on a star like her, taking a risk with this character - her character was brilliant.

As was all the horrible bosses. And the three dudes.

I think I just was too eagerly awaiting the next laugh.

Plus these days comedy attempts to follow the likes of the hangover.

You got the token (LANGUAGE ALERT) douchebag character

Out of everyone else, you get a mix of likeable guys, successful guys, chick driven guys -... More it mixes around the depth of the (LANGUAGE ALERT)douchebag.

I find I am always comparing these movies to the hangover and find I am not laughing as hard as I expected to.

However it was hillarious at times. I think I suffered from the surmounting anticipation - the longer you wait for movies you think will be great, the more likely it doesn't meet your expectations.

My friends loved it, but they weren't expecting as much as me.

I think I should've seen it when it was initially released rather than building it up in my head overtime.Hide

BY Rachel-M grader

I loved this film. You can actually imagine these guys hanging out. They worked so well together. Jen Aniston is playing a very different character than her norm but it all worked. Awesome movie and I loved it and laughed my way through it.

Being able to preserve Jennifer Anniston's still-hot body from cryogenic stasis is impressive enough, but when you have an entire cast pulling out their A-game to do a comedic premise justice, that's a whole other science. Horrible Bosses lives and breaths by its script and performances, achieving both aspects with a rambunctious wit and an energetic sense of comradeliness. Some cameos were briefer than I'd hoped and Charlie Day's adolescent high-pitch whininess irritates me somewhat, but... More that's just me. The film still kept me laughing consistently minute by minute. There's not much more I could ask from a straight-up comedy.Hide

I didn't gut laugh until they did the house break, i thought the suport rolls had it for me ,they made the movie .Bridesmaids made me laugh until i cried, and hangerover was lol outragiously fresh ,so this not so much .

BY Aidan1 superstar

This was an awesome funny movie. The Actors had great chemistry and it was really nice to see Jenifer Aniston in a diffrent role this time i loved her in Friends. Also Jason Sudeikis he is a brilliant comedian it was also nice to see some cameos in it as well. Really funny 5 Stars