Hook, Line & Sinker

Hook, Line & Sinker


Grassroots, New Zealand drama shot on Wellington's south coast. From the makers of 2008 micro-budget feature Taking the Waewae Express, and developed using the cast improvisations methods of British director Mike Leigh.... More

PJ (Rangimoana Taylor, Waewae Express) is a truck driver with a workingman's pride in his job. His partner Ronnie (Carmel McGlone, Predicament), her two kids bordering on adulthood, singing at the local pub and fishing with his mate Jono form the backbone of his modest existence. But when he fails a mandatory eye test and loses his driving licence, PJ's life unravels.

In the face of his imminent future as a blind man, the ever pragmatic Ronnie upscales her wedding dress business with the help of her ambitious older sister Bernadette (Geraldine Brophy, Second-Hand Wedding) to become the breadwinner. But PJ, refusing to accept the loss of his sight, takes everyone on a tumultuous emotional journey to the very edge...

This independent production was made with a crew of 13, a cast of 100, 38 locations, 5 weeks shooting, immense community goodwill, and shot for less than $40,000.Hide

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BY Coraliee superstar

I just love NZ films, and enjoyed seeing scenes of Wellington. I wished there had been some more,it would have been a great opportunity to show off some of Wellington's iconic places and areas. I thought Geraldine Brophy is just wonderful and pulls off another great performance in this...however the whole film/plot/story line, is not quite as interesting as others she has been in, and although I enjoyed it - I just felt like something was missing.

BY Henry5 nobody

A great story and characters beautifully carried bu a stunning cast. This movie and themes will translate anywhere but what better setting than Wellington's beautiful Sth Coast? I thoroughly recommend seeing this film.

BY Lovely nobody

I really wanted to like this movie, I really did. There were so many good things about it including gorgeous actors, a Kiwi-licious setting and really committed directors BUT unfortunately nothing is going to save this movie from its patronising premise. If you are going to make a movie about people that are never on the screen, that is, the working class, then at least get us right. I could maybe forgive the art department for making the teen daughter look like a dutch druggie and the son a... More mob prospect (comon, the same red sweatshirt every day?). I could forgive the actors for forgetting to sound working class, or trying too hard to sound working class that they sound Australian. But I cannot forgive the total lack or misrepresentation of working class nuances. Sorry, but adding watties tomato sauce to the table doesn't crack it. Neither does making people look dirty, when they're actually only greasy. And who wears high res gears when they're fishing?? I love what this film is trying to do and there are some great dynamics going on but don't do what you don't know. Personally, I would have swapped the actresses who played the sisters, got rid of the kids and grandma, and sent the directors to live in Wainuiomata for a year. I just hope their next project is not about migrant female cleaners, eek!Hide

A poignant and genuine story with great character performances all around and beautiful cinematography. A gentle film whose still waters run very deep. A Kiwi film to be proud of. A film to see!

BY freshdude superstar

By the makers of TAKING THE WAE WAE EXPRESS comes this little film full of touching characters. I won't go into the very believable entertwined storylines of the family at the heart of this drama/comedy. I won't tell you about the subvention-less micro-budget used to make the film ... in fact I won't tell you anything apart that this is a genuine Kiwi film you should see. And by genuine Kiwi film I mean it's a Kiwi story, with Kiwi actors, directed , edited produced and distributed by Kiwis ...... More not just filmed in New Zealand.Hide

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