Review: Headhunters

14 Mar 12

Black humour makes this movie

The more I've thought about this film, the better I've come to like it. 6 of us went and we had 3 scores of 4 and 3 of 4.5 and I would happily upgrade my 4 to 4.5 in retrospect. You need to suspend some of your thought processes at a couple of key plot points but if you are happy to just let the movie wash over you, and immerse yourself, you should really enjoy this film.

It is the story of Roger, a hugely successful corporate Headhunter living well beyond his means in order to keep his wife happy and shower her with gifts. He has a little side business of stealing valuable paintings from his clients while they are at interviews and replacing them with replicas. One day, though, the wheels fall off and everything spirals into chaos for him.

There will no doubt be a Hollywood remake and, if so, the Coen Brothers would probably make a pretty good fist of it. This is a hugely original film and the violence is softened by what I presume is Norwegian black humour. Well worth going to. 4 stars.