Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


The sixth of the series, The Half Blood Prince fittingly revisits Harry Potter in his sixth year at Hogwarts. He discovers an old book of potions at the academy library that used to belong to the half-blood prince, teaching him new spells both useful and dangerous. At the same time he starts private tuition with Professor Dumbledore, learning the secrets of Voldemort's past in an effort to find a method through which to defeat him. He also finds himself stuck in the middle of Ron and Hermione's deteriorating friendship when Ron starts dating Gryffindor student Lavender, whose precocious attitude isn't everyone's cup of tea. A busy boy is our Harry.

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The magic has dimmed in Harry Potter’s latest adventure. Gone are many fantastical elements (dragons, house elves, shifting staircases) of previous instalments. The resulting film is more mature, more thoughtful, more brooding, but also more dull.

To be fair, director David Yates (following on from great work on Order of the Phoenix) does an admirable job of transforming one of the less memorable books of the series into a cinematic experience. With cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel (Amelie), he makes Half-Blood Prince look beautiful. You could take any frame from the film and hang it on the wall.

But a film comprised of conversations in corridors is hardly going to get the pulse racing and at two and a half hours the relative lack of action starts to show. Even the tentative teen romance, a novelty for the series, starts to get tiring after a while. Highlights that make a trip to Hogwarts worthwhile this time round are the terrific performances from Jim Broadbent as professor Slughorn, Michael Gambon as Dumbledore and Alan Rickman taking centre stage as Snape.

As the finish line comes into sight, the picture begins to get interesting with a skirmish on a zombie-infested lake and a surprisingly affecting climax. Half-Blood Prince is a well-crafted adaptation with stunning visual effects but it’s ultimately just padding to build up the tension for Potter’s grand finale.

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What a disappointment! I love the Harry Potter books, and the first few movies stuck reasonably close to the plot - but this bore no resemblance to the book. I think the writers used the names, threw the book away and made up their own story!! which is sheer arrogance when you consider how well-written and gripping the books were.. The Deathly Hallows had better be faithful to the book!!!!

this movie was a waste of time compleatly i mean it was so long and it didnt follow the book at all. the book was AMAZING! and i expected the movie to be better. nothing that happened in the move happened in the book like when the weasly house burnt down? like really? and another thing is the movie didnt flow very well it was like this happened then this happened and nothing connected the two.

It is very very very good!!!! Iwatch it 14 times. Harry Potter is the best. Ilove you Harry!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I admired this Harry Potter. It opens and closes well, and has wondrous art design and cinematography as always, only more so. Full Review

  • We’re marking time before the final battle between Good and Evil, with the promised darkness sitting somewhat clumsily with teen romance and humour. Full Review

  • Although a touch ungainly, his film is solidly constructed, with lots of fine effects. If, as Potter approaches his final confrontation with Voldemort, the wizardly battles begin to resemble Lord of the Rings, it's hardly a handicap; this is tried and tested cinematic language, and does all it needs. Full Review

  • A jerky start of exposition and backstory gives way to vigorous storytelling in the latest chapter of Harry Potter. Full Review

  • This one-of-a-kind film cycle has become as comfortable and reliable as an old shoe, providing a degree of dependability that's becoming increasingly rare. Full Review

  • One of the Potter franchise’s breeziest entries yet offers flashes of darkness but lashings of teen tension. Less a movie than a set-up for next year’s epic conclusion. Bring on V-day. Full Review

  • Dazzlingly well made and perhaps deliberately less fanciful than the previous entries, this one is played in a mode closer to palpable life-or-death drama than any of the others and is quite effective as such. Full Review