Review: Hanna

01 Feb 12

Wannabe LEON fails to hit bullseye

Saorise Ronan was fantastic in director Joe Wright's Atonement, but this re-teaming of the pair just doesn't make the grade. It fails to be a brilliant "young assassin" movie (a la Luc Besson's LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL). It also fails to be a moody, arty contemplation on violence, much as THE AMERICAN recently failed. Aiming for something like the cold, cool feel of say LET THE RIGHT ONE IN or Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Hanna just ends up being dull, slow and frankly - a bit silly. Funny how thin that line is between pretentious crap and stunning cinematic statement... or between great entertainment and watching paint dry... One star for the Chemical Brothers soundtrack and for the always superb Kate Blanchette.