Review: Hanna

13 Sep 11

I pray she has no sisters

Hanna boasts some nifty editing, a suitably rousing Chemical Brothers score, and at least two leads doing well under the circumstances (Ronan and Blanchett, for the record). But the director can't quite seem to decide whether he's aiming for grown-ups (who'll probably find the "drama" thoroughly predictable) or younger viewers (who'll probably find the action sequences too few and far between), and consequently there's a sense of groundlessness. The central characters are left so opaque (deliberately, I presume, as an attempt at "intrigue") that we struggle to engage with them as anything more than cliches, meaning our suspension of disbelief is never fully paid off - which, from a comic-book movie no less, struck me as bad form. This identity-crisis (seriously, was this secretly an attempt at "the action movie for girls?") is probably due, at least in part, to the project being something of a Frankenstein's monster, where sub-plots and supporting characters from fresher flicks (notably Leon: The Professional and the Bourne series) have been grafted together into a nominally functional, although soul-less and oddly mis-proportioned, whole. The score really is good. There are a few decent fight scenes. It's always perverse fun to see a girl breaking men's necks with her bare hands. Hanna has the pre-requisite entertainment value to validate watching it, hopefully between a couple of better movies, on DVD on some hypothetical wet Sunday afternoon.