Hail Satan?

Hail Satan?


Documentary tracing the emergence of America's Satanic Temple, six years old and challenging established religious norms across the country.... More

"What kind of religious expression should be permitted in a secular nation? Holy hell, something is brewing! Just a few years old, the Satanic Temple has risen from the depths to become one of the most controversial religious movements in American history. Hail Satan? bears witness as the temple evolves from a small-scale media stunt to an internationally recognized religion with hundreds of thousands of adherents. Naked bodies writhe with snakes on altars as protesters storm the gates of state capitols across the country. Through their dogged campaign to place a nine-foot, bronze Satanic monument smack dab next to the statue of the Ten Commandments on the Arkansas State Capitol lawn, the leaders of the temple force us to consider the true meaning of the separation of church and state." (Sundance Film Festival)Hide

  • Directed by Penny Lane ('Nuts!', 'The Pain of Others')

    • Documentary
    • 95mins
    • Rating: M Mature themes, nudity and coarse language
    • USA

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  • Penny Lane's documentary is incredibly entertaining for the first 20 minutes but becomes a slog as it misses more interesting questions about The Satanic Temple. Full Review

  • Wickedly funny, fascinating and niftily made, this crowd-pleaser will reign at festivals and prove, yet again, that the devil always has the best tunes. Full Review

  • [An] unexpectedly amiable documentary... Full Review

  • Lane sets out to subvert American history with intelligence and wit. Here, she asks us to question why certain religions are deemed "normal," even though, notes one Temple member, Catholic mass is all about the symbolic drinking of blood. Full Review

  • Religious plurality is a cornerstone of constitutional freedom, and sometimes it takes a protester wearing Day-Glo-pink horns to remind us of that. Full Review

  • Lane's film asks us: Is this not only what democracy looks like, but what religion looks like? Full Review

  • Boasting wild archival clips and a 7-foot Baphomet statue with a goat head and an Iggy Pop torso, "Hail Satan?" could easily be taken for the impish spawn of Michael Moore and Kenneth Anger. Full Review

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