Guardians of the Galaxy

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

16 Aug 14

I felt that a lot of the music were out of place in the scenes. The one that I did enjoy was "Come and get your love" by Redbone released, I think, back in the seventies what a great song. I thought the opening scene was original. Boy loses his mother to a disease, runs out of the hospital and disappears and in all that time he never once opened the present from his mother until an event jolts his memory then he recalls his mother dying words to him which gets him out of a tricky situation.

Other occurences in the movie were a bit slow and should have been given the X factor, Nonetheless they covered it up well with humourous dialog and wit. There were lots of laughs that's for sure and the chemistry between all the cast made this movie.

I have to make mention of Lee Pace, oh my, the second I heard his voice I knew that was Thranduil and Groot reminded me of Treebeard. Imagine being safely cocooned in a twine of twigs with stars floating for light while the war rages outside. My heart broke for Groot.