Review: Grindhouse

28 Jan 12

Cult Cheese Class

It's a case of love or hate it with Tarantino & Rodriguez's GRINDHOUSE. Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR is easily the best of the two (a cheesy homage to naff 70s horror movies, complete with missing reel, scratches, pops and even a Bruce Willis zombie cameo! I loved it. This will appeal to all those who, like me, found EVIL DEAD 2 to be one of the funniest movies ever made, alongside the Marx Bros. DUCK SOUP and Woody Allen's SLEEPER. Tarantino's DEATH PROOF is harder to love - but it's worth it just for the final sequence - a beautifully staged collision... Plus the fake grindhouse movie trailers are fantastic! MACHETE almost steals the entire show: "They just f****d with the wrong Mexican!" Cheese as class :)