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BY RachelB nobody

Great music and a fascinating story or two very different men on a challenging journey. I really enjoyed it.

BY christinec superstar

Riveting from beginning to end. Great paced movie that didnt have any slow spots. Great characters & excellent directing from Peter Farrelly who never disappoints with pace and story. Top notch acting from all key roles. Fascinating look into the times and differences between north & south USA

BY arlomclean superstar

Extremely cliche and generic but a nice watch none-the-less. Wish the direction was more exciting and the story defied more of the conventions I was wanting to break. Its worth checking out but nothing special.

i really loved this films freshness about the trip of the black , negro american , and the italian american ,side by side as they go down south in the 1960s. it was a very honest and heart warming movie .with two very good and popular stars playing the leading roles . they make the film .

For all the hype and fanfare that surrounded McKay's Vice, Green Book slides into the awards race modestly as the most entertaining race film of the last 5 years. More humourous than Spike Lee's latest, with solid performances from a robust Mortensen and a layered Ali, Green Book delivers laughs, action, music and a wallop of deep south scenery that sends it into the realm of greatness. Mortensen's dedication to the role of brutish Tony Lipp outshines the prosthetic work and grumbling Bale... More churned out as Dick Cheney, while Ali's charm and charisma as a talented musician, who's forced to re-evaluate his stoicism, further amplifies the anticipation surrounding his turn in True Detective. Finally an award-winning film that actually entertains instead of purposing itself as high art.Hide

BY Newt superstar

This is a lovely film and although it doesn't delve too far deep into the key issues it has a supremely uplifting feeling about it. The characterisation (and portrayal) of Tony Vallelonga is ace. Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali are great as is Linda Cardellini who flies under the radar. No pass on the Bechdel test because the focal point is two men. Sure to be a classic Christmas movie (for TV rotation).