Gods of Egypt 3D

Gods of Egypt 3D


The battle for eternity begins.

Gods, monsters and total mayhem ensue in this mythical Egyptian fantasy adventure starring Gerard Butler (300) as the dark god Set, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) as the almighty Horus, and Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent) and Courtney Eaton (Mad Max: Fury Road) as noble mortals Bek and Zaya. From Alex Proyas, director of I, Robot, Dark City and The Crow.... More

With the survival of mankind hanging in the balance, an unexpected hero takes a journey to save the world and rescue his true love. Set has usurped Egypt’s throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into conflict. With only a handful of heroic rebels opposing Set’s savage rule, Bek enlists the aid of powerful god Horus in an unlikely alliance against the evil overlord. Their battle against Set and his henchmen will take them into the afterlife and across the heavens.Hide

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