Review: Glass

28 Mar 19


Unbreakable was an iffy concept executed almost-brilliantly. Split was an even iffier concept executed well-enough to not entirely suck. Glass is either a good concept badly executed, or a bad idea executed rather well: I honestly can't decide. It's enjoyable enough, and (by mainstream standards) odd enough, to merit a watch but somehow it just doesn't fully satisfy. James McAvoy's vigorous showboating, and Anya Taylor-Joy's relatable blend of determination and vulnerability, are still arresting. And full credit to M. Night Shyamalan for resisting the obvious, for attempting to challenge our expectations, and (no spoilers) for an uncompromising ending. But engagement wavers through reams of risible exposition; the piling-up of cheesy internal "mythology" steadily tests audience good-will; and there's a lingering sense of a bigger, more ambitious story constrained by budgetary limitations.