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The third Ghostbusters film - a reboot from Bridemaids director Paul Feig and two of its stars, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. They are joined by Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth.... More

Another Ghostbusters movie has long been speculated (the originals were made in 1984 and '89), spearheaded by co-creator Dan Akroyd. After years of failed attempts, rumours suggest Sony Pictures are now planning a series of inter-connected Ghostbusters movies to follow, with Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt potentially headlining a follow-up to Feig's.Hide

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I was beyond excited when it was announced that Paul Feig was rebooting Ghostbusters with a handful of my favourite comedians. And naturally I was shocked that such a large chunk of the movie-watching world objected to the premise. I very much wanted this film to be so transcendental, so side-splittingly funny, that those people would melt on the floor of their parents’ basements in remorse.... More

But we didn’t get that. What we have instead is a very good, very funny, big dumb blockbuster. And I’m perfectly OK with that.

In previous comedies (Bridesmaids, The Heat) Feig’s talent has been in letting his leads’ individual comedic talents shine through. They aren’t ‘lady-versions’ of the original - instead, 2016’s ‘busters are a lovable team of outcasts in their own right.

It’s a cast that’s perhaps funnier across the board than the original, barring Bill Murray - the straitlaced one (Kristin Wiig), the paranormal-loving one (Melissa McCarthy), and the sassy transit worker (Leslie Jones). Of the quartet, it’s Kate McKinnon’s aggressively-weird mad-inventor Holtzmann that steals the picture, while even Chris Hemsworth as dumb, hunky receptionist Kevin has more fun with it than Janine ever did.

Faults lie not in the casting but in Feig’s devotion to the original. Some elements are incorporated cleverly, from cast cameos to the old firehouse. Even the logo gets its own origin story. There are stand out set-pieces, and our creepy villain’s final form is a clever twist, but considering the progress made in special effects since 1984, I was expecting the ghosts to be nothing short of spectacular.

It’s worth your money and I hope, if nothing else, come Halloween when girls ask for the Ghostbusters costume they get handed a jumpsuit and a goddamned Proton Pack instead of the “sexy” version.Hide

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BY PercyM superstar

With a rebooted cast and story, it's still funny and enjoyable.

The best part is the cameos from the original Ghostbusters actors

BY Skyuni123 wannabe

Ghostbusters is an uplifting change to a franchise that has been mediocre at best for the last few years. The original is fine, yes, but this film was a blast.

It's wonderful. This isn't a gender thing. It's a movie thing. I maintain that most of these jokes would land fine with an all-male cast.

It's witty, charming, and just plain neat.

Ghostbusters doesn't fall into the trap that many female ensemble comedies do - that every character's arc is about finding a man. While romance is nice,... More it makes a change for an ensemble comedy to be driven entirely by the women.

The balance of horror and comedy is very palatable. It doesn't stray into territory that is too dark or unforgiving, but horror does help the narrative. The pacing of this film is good, too. It's just under two hours long but the time flies by.

To those of you who aren't going to see this movie because of blind attachment to the original, consider this. This remake isn't going to stop your original film existing. You can continue to own your copy of the original while supporting the new.

Ghostbusters is joyous, funny, and likable. Check it out!Hide

BY Sue-Cook nobody

Went for a nostalgia hit but was a miss for me. Too loud, too long and the jokes?...lame. Almost walked out but kept thinking "it must get better?". (2 stars for Chris Hemsworth and the otherwise all girl cast who tried their best with the drivel of a script)

BY capnjane nobody

...for this film for a little over forty years. It's not the best movie ever, but it has heroes who are women and who just behave like heroes, not because of some guy. They are allowed to be sloppy and messy and sexy in a very not standard way of being sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be purchasing the DVD so that I can watch certain scenes over and over again.

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  • Though hats are respectfully doffed, this is a four-woman show, deftly managed to allow all the leads a chance to showcase their own distinct brands of comedy. Full Review

  • Here’s a summer movie starring a girl squad proud of its big brains and tacky jumpsuits. You could call that a supernatural event in itself. Full Review

  • It's all busy-ness, noise and chaos, with zero thrills and very little sustainable comic buoyancy. Full Review

  • Both funnier and scarier than Ivan Reitman’s 1984 original, [although it] doesn’t do nearly enough to innovate on what has come before. Full Review

  • For all its warm-hearted fun, well-crafted thrills, careful nostalgia and girl-powered gadgetry, this fast-paced family film doesn't always feel like a natural fit for Hollywood's favourite genre-bender. Full Review

  • The 2016 vintage of Ghostbusters speaks to its time with the same withering comic accuracy and hot-air-balloon-sized sense of fun as the 1984 original. Full Review

  • The new, cheerfully silly "Ghostbusters" is that rarest of big-studio offerings - a movie that is a lot of enjoyable, disposable fun. Full Review

  • While the dialogue doesn't labour the point, this is a film about women brought together by a shared intellectual passion, shrugging off the mostly male authority figures who try to put them in their place. Full Review

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