Ghostbusters 3D

Review: Ghostbusters 3D

20 Jul 16


Honestly, if you’re upset that Hollywood dared remake a classic then you need to get out more. Heck they’ve remade BEN HUR (again), done another STAR WARS (again), another MAGNIFICENT 7 (again, again), and by the time I finish this sentence they’ll have rebooted the BATMAN, TRANSFORMERS and SPIDER-MAN franchises again (again).

If you’re upset that the leads are played by women? Well, then that’s just straight up crazy misogynist bullpoop. The only thing to be upset about this third GHOSTBUSTERS is that, well, at the end of the day the plot, the villain and, as a result, the entire third act finale just ain’t very good. That’s it.

That aside? The characters are fine. Some of the gags are amusing. Some fall flat. Some are so one-note they tire very quick, (yeah, Chris THOR Hemsworth as a dumb blonde hunk with no brain is fun, but after a while it gets kinda old kinda fast).

The stand out star is Kate McKinnon, who simply rocks her role in what’s bound to be a star-making appearance. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig do their thing and do it well, and, when she’s not Shouty McShout-Shout, Leslie Jones is fun too.

Director (and co-writer) Paul Feig delivers, (as he did in SPY, BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT), a comedy that works best when the characters are interacting and having fun. A bit like THE AVENGERS, where the best bits can often be the ensemble just chilling and chatting, rather than the convoluted action and effects-stuffed CGI finales we’ve come to expect of blockbusters these days (yawn).

So, is it fun? Yeah. But, is great? Nope. But what it does is set up room for a sequel with some cool characters we’ll welcome back, in the hope that next time out, they get a decent story and an opponent worthy of the big budget fireworks finale that’s hard to invest in, care about or root for when it barely makes any sense.

Still, as popcorn munching distractions go? S’all good in the GHOSTBUSTERS hood. Just not worth it for the no-great-shakes 3D.