G-Force 3D

G-Force 3D


Produced by the team responsible for Disney hits like The Rock and Armageddon, this is a family flick that won't hold back on action or knee-slapping gags - presented in Disney Digital 3D. Taking the idea of experimental guinea pigs to new extremes, G-Force features an elite secret-agent task-force of lovable rodents. The team are dispatched to sniff out a baddie who intends to take over the world using manipulated household appliances.

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There are movies designed for both adults and kids. Then there are the ones for kids alone and G-Force certainly falls into that basket. I have to admit I was impressed by the 3D – It added far more interest to the movie for me. At first I was disappointed that the glasses didn't fit the three year old, but after having a few freaky “oh, that was close” moments, I was pleased she wasn't wearing them.

My girls felt it was something boys would prefer. There were a few girls behind me who said it was way too scary but mine are pretty sensitive and none of them flinched so I think that puts it in the safe zone. G-Force is a fun, cute, light-hearted movie starring rodents. It’s good for kids but not so great for adults.

Susie (8):
I liked the movie but in 3D it can feel a little surprising as everything comes at you. I think it's better for kids who don't mind scary movies as there are some bits that were a little freaky. My favourite part was when the rodents got adopted from the pet shop.

Becky (6):
I liked how the rodents could talk and they always had a plan to escape. When two of them rode a skateboard it was especially funny. The 3D glasses made it feel like it was very close to me. I am not too sure I liked that as it made it a bit scarier. But the movie was good.Hide

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BY Johan nobody

It was so cool, I just loved it. I would so watch it again. It was A GOOD part where the Guinea pigs got to ride in these plastic balls that Ben had made for them. IT WAS THE RIDE OF A LIFE TIME.

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  • A fur-covered "A-Team" for the kiddies, G-Force is heavy on splashy pyrotechnics and predictably light on plot. Full Review