Game Over, Man!

Game Over, Man!


Three hotel employees save a star-studded LA party from terrorists in this action comedy from the stars/creators of Workaholics.

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  • With its inexplicable combination of phallic revulsion, fascination, and revulsion at its own fascination, this wretched film hates itself more than we ever could. Full Review

  • This almost laugh-free comedy ... is distinguished by a relentless level of outrageous yet strangely listless vulgarity. Full Review

  • "Boys will be boys," says their boss in an early scene, laughing off their unprofessional behavior. But their conduct does not improve, and neither does this action comedy riddled with pop culture references. Full Review

  • Game Over, Man! is a sloppy production, with screaming and bullying used as a placeholder for actual jokes. Full Review

  • The downside to generating original content for Netflix is that there isn't any oversight whatsoever; no one to point out how many of the jokes aren't working. Full Review

  • Game Over, Man! is grotesque, violent, insane and offensive-in other words, it's kind of exactly what you'd expect from a 'Workaholics' movie unrestricted by basic cable censors. Full Review