Friends with Benefits

Review: Friends with Benefits

15 Sep 11

Pleasantly surprised it wasn't a chick flick

There wasn't too much analysis and ice cream eating by the woman so I didn't categorise it as a chick flick, but put it in the rom com category instead.

Good enjoyable, lighthearted, feelgood comedy with reasonable one-liners and some different characters for variety. Woody Harrelson is particularly funny if a little over the top. But then NY folks are all portrayed as a little aggressive, impulsive & over the top in the movie. Mila's on-screen mum is a free-loving hippy who I thought she was a tad too young to have come from the generation she was portraying.

The combination of Justin & Mila's stunning bods will please the whole audience, unless you have a fatty fetish.

And finally, the typical mushy ending even if they didn't use mushy words.