Fast and Furious 6

Review: Fast and Furious 6

30 May 13

Fast enough, Furious & over maybe

Its got fast cars, boobie ladies & a bit of a storyline. Thats what I went into the screening expecting so I wouldn't be disappointed, & I wasn't :-) It delivers just what it promises, dont come out of this feature disgruntled about this & that, unrealistic etc, it is what it is. All the old cast were there, Brian, Toretto, Letty, Piglet, Spongebob, and Jason Statham, so it was just like the other 5 in that respect, got a good forumla that works.
Genre : cars, action, adventure, crime
4/5 : this is what it is & produces a multitude of boy stuff, chuck reality is out the window, check your mind at the door & enjoy it.