Fantastic Four

Review: Fantastic Four

By RexH
14 Aug 15

The Contractual Obligation Movie

It's a pity... Ben Grimm looked great. Sue Storm was using her skills effectively, Her brother flamed on spectacularly and Reed was suitably stretchy. BUT.... Doom?? Doom?! Forget it! The movie was a mess. I've seen it twice and it didn't improve on the second viewing. The problem was the script was written by Reed Richards, science nerd! No, the problem is that this movie was made by FOX. Who, it seems only want to hang onto the licensing so they can milk the characters for all they're worth. Alas, for Fox, in order to do that they need to come up with a scenario that people want to watch! This is bad news for audiences who don't realise that there is a considerable difference between Marvel Studios/Disney and the licensed characters of the FF, X-Men and Spider-Man, all owned by 20th Century Fox. That Marvel logo and the name Stan Lee appears on all of them! While Marvel/Disney may have produced some uneven products, by and large they're not an insult to the eye or intelligence and they remain true to the spirit of the characters. All the script writers at Fox have to do is read the damn comics! There's fifty or more years worth of them, for god's sake! The Kirby-Lee run cemented the characters, John Byrne and Walt Simonson enlarged on them... What more do these idiots need to create a half way decent movie than that? Well, they need commitment, for a start. They need star power, as well. No-one in this movie packed enough charisma to make them worth watching. Victor von Doom is a classic bad guy worthy of someone with star rating and the acting chops to bring him to life. What do we get? A nobody doing a moody brat! This is the character that inspired George Lucas's Darth Vader for godsakes! The Fantastic Four seem forever "doomed" to be the victims of poor decision-making by studio heads and a seemingly non-existent creative oversight. A pity.